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This page contains advice from our company's experts that will help you keep your garage door in great shape. We hope you find these tips useful and informative.

Replace worn parts as soon as possible

The smaller moving parts of your garage door can wear out faster than other larger components. Still, size doesn't necessary reflect importance, so you should get them replaced as soon as you notice they are wearing out. It may seem insignificant at first, but failing to replace them on time can lead to bigger issues later on.

Clean your photo eye sensors regularly

The photo eyes sensors at the bottom of your vertical garage door tracks detect the presence of an obstacle. They will tell the opener to stop the door's descent and reverse it if the invisible beam that connects the sensors is suddenly interrupted. This safety mechanism is crucial, especially if you have children. That's why you need to keep the lenses clean at all times. If you find that they're scratched or broken, you need to have the sensors replaced as soon as possible.

Don’t run under a closing door

It is not uncommon for kids, and sometimes adults, to scamper out of the garage while the door is still opening. While it may seem like an innocent game to them, it is very dangerous and can result in a serious injury. The door can weigh upwards of two to three hundred pounds. Although the safety sensors should prevent the door from closing while someone is under it, malfunctions do occur, and you should never risk it.

Beware of the speed of an opening garage door

Although the garage door does not open a split second after you press the button, it does open pretty quickly, usually within 7 to 10 seconds. Due to its size and weight, an opening or closing door can pose a risk to small kids and pets. Make sure that all your family members stay away from door while it's in motion.


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